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Pull-mor Drive Wheels and White Wall Insulators for AF Steam Engines

 The following is a photo showing pul-mor (Get-A-Grip) drive wheels and white wall insulators on the rims of completed wheel assemblies.
Pul-mor drive wheels $22.
White wall insulators $3.25 each.

American Flyer Diesel Vulcanized and Brass Pickup Wheels 

American Flyer diesel vulcanized wheels – $22 each.
Complete set for dual motor diesel – $95 which includes 4 brass pickup wheels and 4 vulcanized brass wheels.
Complete set for single motor diesel – $80 which includes 2 vulcanized wheels, 4 brass pickup wheels and 2 isolated brass wheels.
Dual motor 4 brass vulcanized wheels – $80.
Single motor 2 brass vulcanized wheels – $45.

A pair of brass pick up wheels – $15. Note: if you have bronze wheels on the diesels and want them vulcanized with pul-mor (Get-A-Grip) wheels the price is $22.

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