TMCC Parts for Sale

All parts are brand new original stock.


Lionel Locomotive Receiver Command Unit (LCRU)  $55.00


The LCRU can be used with either AC or DC motors by adding a diode (see photo) and can also accommodate ERR Railsounds. The  LCRU can be installed into almost any prewar, postwar or modern locomotive with little or no difficulty. Installation manual.


ERR TMCC Beep Commander $50.00


The Beep Commander is the perfect solution for those who desire more speed steps than the usual 32. The Beep Commander is capable of operating in the 32-speed step mode for speed profile compatibility with existing engines. When desired, the Beep Commander can be switched to operate with 100 speed steps. The low-end speed control performance is noticeably improved in this mode of operation. Great for Pacific, Atlantic, and Switcher type engines etc. Includes R2LC, Prog/Run switch and all the wiring. Installation manual.


ERR TMCC Steam Sound Commander Sold Out


The Steam Sound Commander is a low cost way to add sound to your locomotives. Features include a horn, bell and coupler clank. The small size permits installation into most engines, yet delivers over 1 watt of output power. Operates in conventional mode with horn, bell or in command mode when interfaced to a compliant product.  Also comes with the Fat Boy speaker. I also have a limited quantity of different diesel and steam sounds chips which can be added to the Sound Commander. Installation manual.


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