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Model Train Repairs (O and S gauge)

Authorized Lionel Repair Station

I am a retired aircraft mechanic who started repairing model trains and installing TMCC many years ago. In 2010, I went to the Lionel school and, after completing their training, I became a Lionel Authorized Repair Station. I have worked on trains of all brands and from just about every state and a couple out of country.

O and S gauge trains have been a large part of my life for many years and I still have my original train set since 1947 and enjoy working on and running trains. For the past 18 years, I have accomplished hundreds of conversions and repairs for both O and S gauge trains. I also came up with a way to improve the smoke output on some steam engines and now offer smoke upgrades when applicable. I also improved the rolling power for American Flyer rolling stock by changing the axles to a needlepoint axle and installing a bearing.

If any members of the community have questions about their engines, I will be happy to do my best to answer them.

-Ed Goldin


Here are three of the many projects I have completed - my first one many years ago, one from a few years ago and the latest one.

American Flyer Northern 334

American Flyer Northern 334 TMCC conversion with fan driven smoke unit, a can motor, a puffer board that syncs the puff, my new Pull-Mor rims on the drive wheels and a LED headlight. See the video here. 

American Models Northern Steam Engine

American Models Northern TMCC conversion with fan driven smoke.  This is the current TMCC system with cruise control and the latest sound system. See the video here.

Lionel American Flyer Polar Express Passenger Cars

LEDs installed in all the passenger cars and modified the Baggage Car to resemble more of a Christmas holiday car.  Note that the Observation car also has working marker lights. See the video here.

More About My Projects

Products and Services

  • O and S gauge
  • Diesel and steam
  • Electronic chuff
  • Bi-directional lighting
  • Operating couplers
  • Sound
O Scale Steamer
  • Clean, lubricate and inspect
  • Lionel Legacy (O and S gauge)
  • AF, Lionel, Lionel Flyer, S-Helper, K-Line, MTH, Atlas
  • Repair or replace reverse units
  • Modify smoke units
  • American Flyer chassis re-bushing
  • Wheel sets and bearings
  • Lighting
  • American Flyer parts

Need advice or help repairing or installing new features on your rolling stock? Please email me at or call me at (847) 727-0857