I work on all O and S gauge trains, steam, diesel, TMCC and Legacy and have been an authorized Lionel Repair Station since 2010.

Poor maintenance can cause mechanical or electrical issues that can cause an engine to run poorly or not run at all, requiring repair. Model trains that are not operated for many years or not stored properly are also candidates for maintenance. I have a complete repair shop where I repair model trains including pre-war, post-war and the new engines with the latest electronics. Pease do NOT ship any repair work to me without contacting me in advance to discuss your needs.

  • All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days. The repair warranty is for labor only. 
  • All items should be shipped with insurance and will be returned with insurance if approved by customer. I will not be held liable or responsible for items in transit. 
  • An estimate, based on initial analysis, will be provided for customer approval via email or by phone. There may be a minimum charge for the estimate depending on extent of the issue and will be waived if work is to be accomplished.
  • I test all work statically with various pieces of electronic equipment and test run your engine on a layout when I am finished with the repairs.
  • Also available are AF parts.

I accept Zelle, checks and cash but do not accept credit cards.

You can page down or click on the links to see the services in which you may be interested.

TMCC and Legacy

I am an Lionel Authorized Repair Station trained by Lionel to repair all of their engines equipped with TMCC, Legacy or Bluetooth systems. Because of the nature of most repairs on these engine types, it is generally not easy to accurately diagnose the problems over the phone without seeing the equipment. Sometimes re-programming the engine to the manufacturer’s specifications will solve some issues. This is a different process from programming your engine for an engine number. I can help you through the process if you are not sure how to accomplish this.

Cleaning and Lubrication

Old oil and grease lubricants have a tendency to harden and can cause overheating of the motor and possible further damage. There is a minimum charge for cleaning, lubrication and inspection. The cost of any additional parts, return shipping and the cost of insurance are not included.

Steam engine with smoke in boiler clean, lube and inspection – $55 plus parts if needed.

Steam engine with smoke In tender clean, lube and inspection – $65 plus parts if needed.

Diesel engine clean, lube and inspection single motor – $55 plus parts if needed. 

Diesel engine dual motor clean, lube and inspection – $70 plus parts if needed.

Note: some engines are more difficult to disassemble and there may be an additional fee depending on application.5

Rebuild Electro Mechanical Reverse Units

These are the reverse units or “E” units that control the direction of your engine. Typically when your engine is not changing direction, or if you hear clicking noises and there is no motion, it indicates that the reverse unit is not working correctly. Usually this is an indication that the unit needs a cleaning, lube, adjustments and possibly new fingers, drum or wiring harness.

Rebuild reverse units – $35 which includes cleaning, lube and new fingers.

Quartering American Flyer steam engines – $15.

Modify Smoke Units

An updated smoke unit requires a new wicking material and a different heating element. Both these items will significantly increase the time between refills and reduce the hardening of the wicking material. To see a video of an American Flyer with an updated smoke unit click here. In certain applications it can also be added to O gauge units.

Smoke In boiler unit rebuilds – $35.

Smoke In tender rebuilds – $40.

Fan driven smoke unit rebuild $30 – does not include fan motor.

Fan driven smoke unit rebuild with fan motor $40.

Modified smoke unit with different wicking materiel and heating element – $35


There are many different options for adding lighting to your equipment, any of which will make your trains look more realistic on the track. Following are some of the options:

  • Marker lights on the boiler
  • Marker lights on the rear of the tender
  • Operating fire box
  • Cab light
  • LED lights installed in passenger cars
  • Observation cars and cabooses
Here are three videos which will show you some of the modifications. AF Berkshire, AF passenger cars, customized AF 356.
If you are interested in upgrading your lighting then please email me at or call me at (847) 727-0857.

American Flyer Steam Chassis Re-bushing

The following 2 photos are before and after pictures of a steam chassis.
Re-bushing American Flyer steam engine chassis pricing please email me at or call me at (847) 727-0857.
The following is a photo showing pul-mor (Get-A-Grip) drive wheels on the rims and on completed wheel assemblies.

American Flyer Steam Chassis Re-bushing with White Wall Insulators and Pul-Mor (Get-A-Grip) Drive Wheels

The following 2 photos are of a Northern re-bushed/repainted steam chassis and the same chassis with new white wall insulators and pul-mor (Get-A_Grip) drive wheels.

Re-bushing American Flyer steam engine chassis pricing please email me at or call me at (847) 727-0857.
White wall insulators $3.25 each.
Pul-mor (Get-A-Grip) drive wheels $22.
Note: if you send me your steam drive wheels I will disassemble, clean, paint, add new white wall insulators with new pul-mor (Get-A_Grip) drive rims – $5 each plus the cost of the rims and white wall insulators.

American Flyer Diesel Chassis Re-bushing 

The following 2 photos are before and after pictures of a diesel chassis.
Re-bushing American Flyer diesel truck – $35 to $45 depending on type of truck.
American Flyer diesel vulcanized wheels – $22 each.
Complete set for dual motor diesel – $95 which includes 4 brass pickup wheels and 4 vulcanized brass wheels.
Complete set for single motor diesel – $80 which includes 2 traction wheels, 4 brass pickup wheels and 2 vulcanized brass wheels.
Dual motor 4 brass vulcanized wheels – $80.
Single motor 2 brass vulcanized wheels – $45.

A pair of brass pick up wheels – $15. Note: if you have bronze wheels on the diesels and want them vulcanized with pul-mor (Get-A-Grip) wheels the price is $22.

American Flyer Wheel Bushings and Axles

The following 2 photos are trucks without and with bushings.


New and old wheel sets.

Completely modified chassis and kit.


Kit includes 8 new wheels, 4 axles and 8 bushings – $12.50. Kits without new wheels – $6.50. If you are going to install the kit on your own, please be careful when spreading the trucks. If possible, use reverse operating pliers or a spreading tool.

Installation instructions and results here. (Results at end of video.)

Need advice or help repairing or installing new features on your rolling stock? Please email me at or call me at (847) 727-0857