American Flyer

American Flyer Diesel with the first generation of TMCC called a Mini Commander and first generation of single sound board called a Sound Commander. This sound system gives you bell, horn and revs up the engine when increasing speed and decreases revs when slowing down.

American Flyer 290 with TMCC and a Can Motor installed. The TMCC installed is a DC Commander that changes AC from the transformer to DC for the Can Motor. It also has the second generation sound system called Railsounds 4 which consists of two boards. In addition to the regular steam sounds there is now the dispatch talk and a garbled engineers voice to simulate how hard it is to hear him with all the existing engine noises. Note that it has an operating reverse light that I manufactured and installed.TMCC and a Can Motor installed. It also has Railsounds 4 and note that it has an operating reverse light that I made and installed.

LionelFlyer Challenger that had an intermittent chuff. The chuff switch was replaced, adjusted and still intermittent. All the other sounds were normal including crew talk, whistle, bell etc. Replaced several parts with no success. Then I tried another tender thinking that something in the tender might be bad and that proved the problem was in the boiler. There is a special R4LC in the Challenger which is the brains of the system, so I replaced it with no success and finally figured out even though all sounds were normal it had to be a dirty chuff signal through the IR transmitter. I replaced the IR transmitter and that fixed the problem.

American Flyer 353 Circus Train that has been repainted and customized with an operating firebox, cab light, front and rear marker lights and a reverse light. Also replaced was the old electro-mechanical reverse unit with a Dalle Reverse unit.

Customized American Flyer 302 with front marker lights, a bulkhead installed with an operating firebox and cab light. The tender has a Railsounds Commander with bell, whistle, steam sounds and chuff. It also has rear marker lights and a reverse light that operates when the engine is going in reverse.

This engine was in for repairs and while I had it the customer wanted some customizing so I put in marker lights in the front boiler section, an operating fire box and marker lights on the rear of the tender and I installed an ERR sound system.

American Flyer Steam Engine 21085 that was customized with a new paint job and re-numbered. Installed a Dallee reverse unit, a sound board, front and rear marker lights, cab light, reverse light, an operating firebox and a detailed bulkhead. The bulkhead hides the brush holder and has the capabilities to further add detail as it has holes where you can add a throttle and steam valves.

American Flyer Polar Express Berkshire with modifications that include green marker lights on the boiler and red marker lights on the rear of the tender, railings placed on both boiler and tender, operating fire box and cab light which makes it look more realistic rolling down the track. Also on the rear of the tender is a reverse light that operates when the engine goes in reverse.

S Gauge Lionel Flyer Polar Express set that I installed LED’s in all the passenger cars and modified the Baggage Car to resemble more of a XMAS Holiday Car. Note that the Observation car has working marker lights. The engine is a painted Lionel Flyer SD60 in the “Honoring our Veterans” colors that NS did on the real engine.

American Flyer Northern 334 with a fan driven smoke unit, TMCC, a can motor, a puffer board that syncs the puff with the chuff, my new Pull-Mor rims on the drive wheels and a LED headlight.

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