American Models

F7 AB unit with TMCC installed. The components are all in the “A” unit with the sound system. In the “B” unit I added a flashing red light and a reverse light for consistent bi-directional lighting.

American Models A-B-A F7’s with TMCC and sound installed. These diesels can run as a Lash Up with or without the “B” unit which incorporates all the sounds and announcement. The lead engine can also run with the “B” unit and then you can utilize the rear “A” to relocate passenger or freight cars. Many ways to run these engines and it is up to you to decide and have fun. The Bradford Diner was restored by Ray Signorini.

American Models Northern steam engine in which I installed a cruise control board, an ERR sound board, a fan driven smoke unit with four chuffs per revolution and synchronized huff and puff. The smoke unit has also been modified with a different heating element and wicking material and in the tender I installed a back up light, and an operating coupler.

This is the process of installing TMCC with the newest Sound system in a American Models FM. I had to manufacture mounted brackets for the electronic boards. Also on some of the American Model engines, the motor mount needs to be milled down and the motor shifted 1/8″ to make room for all the new equipment. 

This is an American Models Northern running on Carl Tuveson’s layout (Part A).

This is an American Models Northern running on Carl Tuveson’s layout (Part B).

This is an American Models GG-1 in which I installed TMCC with sound. I used a ERR Mini Commander II and a ERR GG1/EP5 sound system.  

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