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Page 11 of the installation manual shows how to hook up the SC-2, but to power the SC-2 you must hook up the externally powered switch to the #1 or top left position. No other power connection is necessary.

To power the 720A switch externally all connections will be made on the #1 terminal upper left hand position  of the SC-2; 

  1. Hook up the black post from the switch to the 15v Post of the transformer or to any fixed voltage post.
  2. Hook up the yellow post of the switch to the center post of the SC-2 and a second wire from the center post to the base of the transformer.
  3. Hook up the red post of the switch to the R/H or throw position of the SC-2.
  4. Hook the green post of the switch to the L/H or thru position of the SC-2.

NOTE: You will have 2 wires on the SC-2 center connection one to the switch and one to the base of the transformer. Or you can have 2 wires on the yellow post of the switch, one going to the transformer and one going to the SC-2. It all depends on the configuration you want.

You can also use a buss to power the switches and take the wire for the yellow post off a terminal board or a Molex connector and split it that way. In either of the configurations, it will operate the light on the switch.

Remember this is wireless so the SC-2 should be located somewhere in the vicinity of the Command Base or a track that is hooked up to the Command Base. 

TMCC Signal Enhancer

Distributing the  TMCC signal to the tracks on a two rail system is more critical than a three rail system especially on a complex layout with several power feeds and an intricate track plan.  Here is a network to distribute the signal to both rails to help keep it balanced so that is not degraded when an engine is turned around on the track.

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